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Very awesome lyrics

Words and music ©Bruce L’Awesome, 2020, all rights reserved. Inspired by Lawrence.
Mixed and produced by Shez of Silverlake Music.

I was melancholy in gay Paris.
In the city of romance, love had passed over me.
Weeping in my attic in Montmartre
dreaming of a de Beauvoir to my J.P. Sartre.
Oh, then I saw you there
your eyes had more poetry than Beaudelaire.
And I knew that you were the only one
Who could be the Joséphine to my Napoléon.

Saperlipopette, I'm so glad we met,
Please, let me eat your cake, ma petite Antoinette!
Saperlipopette, And now, I'm your pet.
Say I'm yours! Ça alors! Saperlipopette.

Oh baby, never doubt I love you, it's a certainty.
I'll give you liberté, egalité for eternity.
When life terrorizes like Robespierre
I’ll bring you more joy than Molière.
Oh, I just can't believe
the way you elevate my joie de vivre.
Any time that I'm feeling low,
you can chew my rosbif - I'll taste your escargot!

Saperlipopette, I’m so glad we met
Every time you kiss me, it’s the best kiss yet.
Saperlipopette, I can’t forget
the way you make me feel, ooh, Saperlipopette.

I was crusin’ with my crew down in Montmartre
when I saw you, and you stole my heart there.
Your love’s a drug and I need my next hit;
I need your promise that you won’t Brexit.
I’m putting my cards sur la table
Monsieur, you’re so formidable.
I didn’t want amour, but babe you bet,
Mister, je t’aime, Saperlipopette.

Saperlipopette, I’m so glad we met
I'm un papillon, in your net
Saperlipopette, like Lafayette
You conquered my heart, ooh! Saperlipopette!

Saperlipopette, I’m so glad we met
I want Marmite, mange ma tartiflette!
Saperlipoppete, I can’t forget
how you make me feel, ooh, Saperlipopette.

Saperlipopette, oh the thrills I get
Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’, Non, don’t arrête!
Saperlipopette, I’ve got no regrets!
Je ne regrette rien, Saperlipopette.

Who the அखกਖੀ did this?

DELUXEmbourg is the name of a pan-European duo, whose mission is to bring joy, peace and love to the world through the ancient French philosophy of saperlipopette. We believe the best way to do this is to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. We call on the Eurovision organisers to abolish the rule that an entry must be tied to one particular country, as this promotes the evil of nationalism, and allow DELUXEmbourg to compete. Or just declare us the winners already.

Bruce lawson, looking good and dancing

Bruce L’Awesome

Bruce is an English/ Scottish/ Italian fashion thought leader who enjoys writing and recording his original music and drinking. He is a web standards and accessibility consultant in his spare time.

Follow Bruce on twitter.

Laurence Vagner with a disco pose

Lawrence Vagner

French/Luxembourgish non-binary knitter with tattoos who enjoys throwing axes, DIY stuff and riding a bicycle. Lawrence is UX designer in their spare time. Fun fact: they never knew they could sing before this song.

Follow Lawrence on twitter.

Shez in balaclava and gold hotpants, looking cosmic

Shez Sherrard (Producer)

Knob-twiddler Shez is a mostly English (and a little bit Irish) bassist of mystery who has been as far as the exotic locales of Bournemouth and Brussels. He’s the bass player for top pop trio Silverlake and does a lot of work for charidee.


Can you do better?

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